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Building a Modern Application using Azure 

Updated: Apr 24

With cloud computing booming and cloud services like Microsoft Azure becoming increasingly popular, more and more organisations are using it for application development. Microsoft Azure has revolutionised application development by providing a solid and effective method for developing applications that best fit fast-paced business requirements.

Microsoft Azure is a robust, flexible and powerful cloud computing platform that delivers speed, computing, networking, and storage resources for hosting, scaling and managing modern web applications and services. By building a modern application using Microsoft Azure, you can not only simplify the development process but can also create high-end web applications within budget.  

How to Build a Modern Application Using Azure 

Azure is a powerful Microsoft Cloud Service that enables developers to build interactive and efficient modern applications quickly. Whether you are a business startup or a well-established enterprise, developing the application using Azure can cover all your specific requirements. From development environment setup to application deployment, Azure has got everything covered. Read on to find out the steps to build the modern application:

Step 1: Outline the Application Requirements.

When it comes to developing a modern application using Azure, we must work with you to gather requirements and create an outline. Your app will offer a solution to the issues that your business faces. If you are developing an app for your enterprise, think about your company’s goals. Focusing on this will simplify developing the roadmap for future application development.

Step 2: Create a High-Level Architecture

Once you have created the outline, we will work together to develop the High-Level Architecture for your modern application. For making a well-structured and robust application, we will ensure that you pick the right architecture models from the available high-level architecture options, namely microservices, event-driven architectures and serverless to build your application's front-end, back-end and database components. Azure provides several services to help you build your application's architecture, including Azure App Service, Azure Functions, Azure Cosmos DB, and Azure Storage.

Step 3 Select the Right Azure Services

Let's face it, selecting the right Azure services can make or break your modern application. Azure provides a number of services for building modern applications. You can build the front end of your applications using .NET Core Blazor. Further, you can develop your back-end logic and use Azure SQL Server or Azure SQL, the managed cloud database service for data storage. It is essential that we pick the services that best fit your application's needs.

Step 4: The Development Environment is already s

We are excited to let you know that we have already upgraded to Visual Studio 2022 and .NET Core. With this upgrade, we can serve our clients with better stability, performance and security. Moreover, we utilise the best tools and latest features that Microsoft Azure offers to deliver the best software solutions. As we are already up with the upgrade, our clients can benefit from the latest technologies and tools without any additional setup required or any delay. This leverages us to serve our clients with more efficient, faster and cost-effective development services to our clients.

Step 5: Develop and Test the Application

Using the selected Azure services, we can start developing and testing the different components of your application. We will build the front-end, back-end, and database components of your application and test them to ensure they work as intended. Azure provides several tools that can help us develop and test your application, including Azure DevOps and Azure Test Plans.

Step 6: Deploy the Application to Azure.

Once your application is developed and tested, the next step is to deploy it to Azure. We can use Azure DevOps or other deployment tools to deploy your application to Azure. This will make your application available to its users. Azure provides several deployment tools that can help you deploy your application, including Azure Resource Manager and Azure Container Instances. We will also build and release a testing environment where your app can be used privately for you and for us to test performance and issues. 

Step 7: Monitor and Optimise the Application

System monitoring is essential for cost control, performance and security. After deployment, We will monitor your application's performance and usage metrics using Azure Monitor. We will analyse the data collected and optimise your application based on the insights gained. This will help ensure your application runs smoothly and provides a seamless user experience. Azure offers several monitoring and optimisation tools that can help us improve your application's performance, including Azure Application Insights and Azure Advisor.

Step 8: Secure the Application

With cyber-attacks on the rise, keeping applications safe and secure is more vital than ever.. It requires modern security services like Azure Entra ID, Azure Key Vault, and Microsoft Defender. It is essential that we protect your application and its data from unauthorised access to ensure your users' privacy and security.

Factors to Keep in Mind While Building a Modern Web Application Using Azure

Building a modern web application using Azure involves several factors that we must consider. To make the right decision, we will work with you to analyse the pros and cons of the technology stacks available. The analysis is essential as it will impact the application development’s quality, cost and scalability.  Here are some of the critical factors to consider:

Choosing the Appropriate Azure Services for Each Component

One of the significant factors we need to consider when building a modern web application using Azure is choosing the appropriate Azure services for each component. Azure offers a wide range of services, and selecting the right one for each application element is crucial for its efficient operation. For example, we use the latest tools like Visual Studio 2022 and the most recent versions of managed databases like SQL Server and security services like Entra ID. Developers can build a high-performance, secure and reliable web application by selecting the best services for each component.

Planning for Scalability and Resilience

Planning for scalability and resilience is essential when developing a modern web application using Azure. This involves designing the application to handle increasing traffic and remain operational despite failures. Azure provides several services that can help us plan for scalability and resilience, such as Azure Load Balancer, Azure Traffic Manager, and Azure Site Recovery. These services ensure that the web application can adapt to changing user demands and always remain available.

Ensuring Security and Compliance

It goes without saying that regulatory compliance and security in any application development lifecycle are crucial to mitigate the risk of malicious cyber attacks, fines, reputational loss, and lawsuits after deployment. Azure provides several security services that can help us protect the web application and its data from unauthorised access. For example, we can use Azure Entra ID  to manage user authentication and access, Azure Key Vault to store and manage cryptographic keys and secrets, and Microsoft Defender to monitor and identify security threats. By ensuring security and compliance, we will build a web application that meets the highest standards of security and privacy.


Building a modern application on Azure provides many benefits, including scalability, resilience, and cost-efficiency. By leveraging the appropriate Azure services for each component, we will design an app that meets the needs of your modern businesses. With planning for scalability and resilience, we will ensure that your application will handle increasing traffic and remain operational despite failures. Are you planning to develop a modern application using Azure? Syngis Software Development leverages the best Azure features to build modern applications, making it a perfect fit for companies looking for scalability, resilience, and cost-efficiency. Syngis Software Development, with a team of experienced developers, will design and develop modern applications that will meet the specific needs of your business.

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