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Fixed Price 20 hours Software Development

Do you need ongoing support from a software developer but don't want, or can't, commit to employing one yourself?

Avoid the costs of recruitment, employment, training, PAYE, NI and pension costs with our fixed price part-time developer service.

This product is ideal for companies who require a developer resource but only for a limited amount of time per month.

What will I receive?

  • An initial introductory call where we'll start to understand your business and your requirements

  • 20 hours per calendar month of software development that is fully managed by us.

  • Inclusive use of a project manager, architect, software developer and tester.

  • Flexibility - we will work to your own preferences, whether that be your own help desk system, emails, teams or phone call.

  • An end of month summary of the development achieved

Technology Stack

We are a Microsoft Partner and work using the Microsoft Stack. Your business will already need to be working with the same technology stack or have plans to use Microsoft technologies if you want to work with us. Please note we can still be involved in various integration, back end and API development work that involves integrating in to your existing systems. Please feel to contact us if you have any queries.

Book your 20 hour software developer

For a one-off or monthly reoccuring payment of £1297 + VAT you will receive access to all of the above. Invoicing is based on a calendar month.

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