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  • A bespoke design aimed for the client's customer.

  • Modern, bright, engaging and easy to navigate

  • Fast page loading - "green" for Google Lighthouse performance metrics

  • Significantly improved conversion rates: particularly for mobile and tablet customers

  • Custom developed pages - bespoke for craft consumers to upsell and provide high customer satisfaction

The Partner

Stitcher is an online retailer selling hobby and craft products. With a focus on needlecrafts, they predominantly sell cross stitch kits along with a wide range of stitching threads and accessories. Stitcher are known for their high quality customer service.


Stitcher had been using the same website for a very long time, the website had become very dated. It was not optimised for mobile and tablet devices and was experiencing many performance issues.

The very old codebase for the site meant that it was no longer supported as the framework had become obsolete. The website had been designed during the early introduction of CSS and so the HTML and CSS were heavily integrated with each other, there was no front end framework that separated the concerns.


It was important for Stitcher to retain the “bespoke solution” approach since they had incorporated a large number of business specific functionality and processes that would have been lost, had they migrated to a hosted solution for their website. They wanted to retain control of their website functionality and keep the ability to make custom changes to the site as and when they required.

We proposed to migrate old framework to the current one available. This ensured that all website functionality could be preserved on the new site. Migrating to a modern framework also improved performance.

A brand new website design was created that was tailor made for their business. It included mobile and tablet variations to ensure they could serve their customers who increasingly wanted to shop on their handheld devices. The site was built using a modern front-end framework.



Technology Used

  • Wireframing and Design

  • Bootstrap Frontend Development

  • Classic ASP to .NET Core Migration

  • IIS and SQL Server on Azure Virtual Machines

  • Azure Function Apps

  • Card Payment API Integrations

  • Shipper API Integration

  • Amazon MWS Intergration

Ecommerce Retail Craft Web Application


Design and Development

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