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Trade Distributor Web App Design and Development



  • Modern, bright, engaging and easy to navigate design. Tailored for business customers

  • Fast page loading - "green" Performance on Google Lighthouse metrics

  • Significantly improved conversion rates, particularly for mobile and tablet users

  • Integration with their other solutions; ensuring flawless stock and customer synchronization

  • Office users can quickly and easily maintain the website


The Partner

SoloCrafts is a specialist UK distributor for needlecraft brands across the globe. SoloCrafts represent these brands across the UK, in highstreets and online. They represent the brands within the UK and use their national market knowledge to maximise and grow the brands.



When the current owners acquired the SoloCrafts business they inherited an existing website that was outdated and had significant problems, including not supporting HTTPS, poor performance, no integration with the new owners existing systems and there no way to solve these issues using the existing hosting package and software that was being used.

They required a new, modern, functional website that could also be easily integrated with their existing internal systems.


We proposed that a new website was designed and developed using Umbraco as a Content Management System so that the companies employees would be able to easily manage the content of the website, including uploading banner images, maintaining content pages and customising their own SEO.

The company used a third-party inventory and accounting management cloud application that provided API connectivity. We integrated this system with their new website so that customer orders would import in to their office system and, stock inventory would remain in sync. We also provided a way to import/export the product information in and from Excel so that this could be maintained by a user.

We provided integratioins with multiple payment provides including PayPal and Pay 360.

We also integrated the website with Mailchimp and provided help and advice to the client on how to manage their own email marketing campaigns.  



Technology Used

  • Wireframing and Design

  • Front end Development using Bootstrap

  • Classic ASP to .NET Core Migration

  • IIS and SQL Server on Azure Virtual Machines

  • Azure Function Apps

  • Stock and Customer API Integrations

  • Card Payment API Integration

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